Mobile and Virtual Services.

Ukombozi Sacco offers its valued clients a vast range of mobile services and products. The mobile services offer our clients the convenience to transact and monitor their accounts, providing a real-time hands-on approach to banking. The service and products offered include but not limited to;

Mobile Banking.


Use the shortcodes below to make mobile payments to your specific accounts with the Account number reading as follows;

Member No. # MSL i.e (XXXXXXX#MSL)

Mobile Banking Registration

Ukombozi Sacco mobile banking services and products are available to all it client, and by following the simple steps below one can be registered;

STEP 1. Visit or Call your nearest office to get registered or just dial *346*6# for self-registration to the Mobile service.
STEP 2. You will receive an SMS with the login credentials.
STEP 3. Dial *346# to effect savings and loan transactions at your convenience.

Making Mobile Payment Procedure.
Via Paybill 821945

Using Ukombozi Sacco Paybill 821945 one can be able to make payments through the Sim tool kit by following the following steps;

1.Get to Sim Tool Kit
2. Choose Lipa Na M-PESA.
3. Select Paybill Option
4. Enter Business Number 821945
5. Enter Account Number as follows;
Member No. #MSL i.e (XXXXXXX#MSL )
6. Enter Amount to pay and complete with your secret pin

M-Kombozi Instant loan.

M-Kombozi Loan (MSL) empowers members who have an emergency or an urgent matter that needs a quick fix by applying for an MSL Loan through the process below;

  1. Dialing the USSD code *346#
  2. Choosing option 2. Loan request.
  3. Choosing option 1. M-Kombozi Loan.
  4. Enter the amount you need.

This instant loan product has a low unbeatable interest rate and a repayment period of 1 month.

M-Kombozi loan Payment Procedure.
Via USSD *346#

M-Kombozi instant Loan repayment using the USSD code *346# can be made by following these simple procedures.

  1. Dial USSD code *346#
  2. Choose Option 3. Loan Repayment.
  3. Select Option 1. Loan.
  4. Select The Loan Type To Pay.
  5. Enter Option 1 M-Pesa.
  6. Enter Amount and press the SEND button.
  7. Select Option 1 to Confirm.
  8. A pop-up prompt will request your M-Pesa secret pin to complete the transaction.
Product Description Short Code
Registration Fee Account RE
Deposit Contribution Account DP
Share capital Account SH
Jenga Junior account JJ
Christmas Account CS
Travel Savings Account TR
Benevolent Account BN
Development Loan DEV
Emergency Loan EME
School Fees Loan SCH
Biashara Loan BIA
Electronic Gadget Loan ELE
Insurance loan INS
Organization Development loan DEVC
Organization Premium Loan PREC
Premium Loan PRE

To enjoy Virtual Services as a member you will need to have the following;

  1. Membership number.
  2. Kenyan Identification Number (ID).
  3. Email address registered in Ukombozi Sacco.

To get the Signup and Login procedures, visit our Downloads Page. The following services can be accessed through the virtual services.

Internet Banking.

The Sacco members can access services such as their statement, active loans, guarantors, and view account details through our member’s portal, any time at the member’s convenience. This gives the members flexibility to transact and monitor their transactions on a real-time basis.

Online Member Registration.

Any interested persons can become a member without even moving from their location or deviating from their busy schedule, by offering them a unique opportunity to join the Sacco. This paperless procedure only needs one to have the following;

  1. Copy of the applicant’s scanned ID in PDF (Both sides on one page).
  2. A clear copy of the applicant’s passport photo in JPEG.
  3. A clear copy of the applicant’s signature in JPEG.
Virtual Help Desk.

Members can raise their queries or Enquiries through our virtual help desk by login into the portal and raise a case through the customer’s relations tab. This will be responded to promptly.