Savings Products.

These are the normal deposit contributions to which on can get a loan through and meet the below requirements;

  1. Monthly Minimum contribution of Kshs 1000.00/=(Broken down to Ksh 100 on daily contributions through the Paybill 821945).
  2. Earn high returns on deposits yearly.
  3. Deposits help secure loans on a multiplier of times three(*3).

The Holiday Travel/tours both locally and abroad organized by the Society or
individual travel tours.

  1. Savings account for international & Local traveling organized by the Society.
  2. Withdraw-able multiple times in a year.
  3. Visa facilitation to guest countries for tours planned by the society.

It’s a financial assistance given upon death of a principal member, spouse, or dependant under 18 years. The terms include:

  1. Duly filled Benevolent form.
  2. Only Active Members will benefit.
  3. Annual contributions are made to the fund.
  4. Only claims made during the covered year are considered.
  5. The new member’s waiting period is one year.
  6. Benefits shall be as below:
    a) Death of Principal Contributor – KShs. 100,000.
    b) Death of Spouse of Principal Contributor – KShs. 50,000.
    c) Death of a dependant under 18 years – KShs. 25,000.

A children savings account with minimum savings of Kshs 300/= and Withdraw-able 3 times a year. Earn high yielding returns on a yearly basis with these simple requirements:

  1.  Parent/ Guardian must be a member.
  2. A copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate / Notification.
  3. Age: 0-17 Years.

Member saves any amount throughout the year withdrawal only once.

  1. Savings account for Christmas Festivities.
  2. Withdraw-able at the end of the year.
  3. Earn high returns on Christmas savings yearly.

Making Savings Contributions Using

Mobile Banking.

Using Mobile Services you can be able to make your contributions by dialing the USSD code *346# and selecting the specific saving account. You can also make your contributions using Ukombozi Paybill Number 821945 and simply adding the keywords to your account number e.g making a Deposit payment, use the keyword DP

Using Membership Number      XXXXXXX#DP

Mobile Banking Savings

Product Description Short Code
Registration Fee Account RE
Deposit Contribution Account DP
Share capital Account SH
Jenga Junior account JJ
Christmas Account CS
Travel Savings Account TR
Benevolent Account BN

NB: The approved share capital is Kshs 20,000. A member attains Kshs 20,000 by making a one-off payment or through gradual quarterly deductions.